Music education hubs

Musical Bridges is an Ofsted-cited initiative that tackles the drop-off in pupils’ progress around transition. Musical Bridges aims to embed effective primary-secondary music practice in schools so more pupils will retain enthusiasm for music and continue to develop their skills and musicality.

As a Music Education Hub, you are uniquely placed to encourage primary and secondary schools to work together to transform transition in and through music. You will know how much of an interruption moving schools can be for pupils, their musical learning, and their opportunities to play and sing.

A growing number of Hubs are using Musical Bridges resources to guide and advise schools, in particular by using the Musical Bridges CPD Programme to offer professional development opportunities for school in their area.

In fact, music education hubs are now the main route through which we hope more schools will be able to benefit from all we’ve learned about how to transform transition.

The Hubs that have been involved with Musical Bridges to date have told us that the main benefits have been that it has given them:

  • the opportunity to increase and improve their engagement with secondary music teachers;
  • the opportunity to prioritise and focus on transition with schools;
  • guidance and ideas about transition issues and activities;
  • inspiration for improving transition experiences for pupils and helped them begin the dialogue to develop more effective transition approaches;

It has also helped validate the work they wanted to undertake and challenged their thinking, which enabled them to re-organise their ‘offer’ to schools.

Musical Bridges provides a very tangible way for you to support schools in improving their music education, in offering expert training and consultancy to schools and promoting high quality progression, all recommendations from Ofsted in their 2013 report ‘Music in schools: what hubs must do.’

Musical Bridges has been praised by Ofsted, with our work with a cluster of schools in Cornwall showcased in Ofsted’s Music in schools: sound partnerships case study booklet.

In this video,  Simon Lock, Head of Slough Music Service talks about his experience of Musical Bridges:

The Role of Music Education Hubs

You can get involved in Musical Bridges by:

  • Offering a Musical Bridges CPD Programme in your area. We provide a suggested structure and a range of FREE, tried and tested resources and tools to provide the content of the Programme; you provide the facilitation and specialist music expertise;
  • Offering to support and co-ordinate transition activities in your local schools, including those developed through the Musical Bridges Programme
  • Promoting the Musical Bridges website, the approach it takes to transition and encouraging schools to make use of our tools and resources.

Teachers can access the Musical Bridges CPD Programme and resources directly, but Music Education Hubs can play a key, strategic role in supporting them.

Teachers see Music Education Hubs not only as providers of data and information on pupils, but also as a resource for expertise, and as a catalyst for networking, communication, events and the exchange of good practice between schools.

By taking the lead and introducing schools to Musical Bridges, you will be able to build stronger relationships with schools, Headteachers and classroom teachers.  Those who have already benefited from your services will have more options to continue to do so.