St Ives, Cornwall: transition day preparation and planning

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Wren and Torbay Hub: supporting personal and social needs

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WOMAD and Malmesbury schools: transition partnerships

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North Downs Schools Partnership: transition in and across the community

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Kirklees, Huddersfield: sharing pedagogy

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Addington School: engaging pupils as agents in their own learning

Addington School, Woodley (Bracknell and Wokingham) - an example of Bridge 5 from the Five Bridges F...Read More

Battersea Park County: Planning and sharing your curriculum

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5 Tracks: audio tracks and sheet music for Years 5, 6 and 7

5 Tracks is a specially commissioned audio resource of five contrasting musical genres: Township ...Read More

Transition tracker - a tool for teachers

Musical Bridges has developed an online tool for music teachers called Transition Tracker. This enab...Read More

A Paul Hamlyn Foundation Special Initiative

Musical Bridges: Transforming Transition aims to provide a continuous and progressive musical experience for 9-13 year olds that supports their personal, social and educational development.