Musical Bridges Resources

Musical Bridges has developed  a number of practical guidance materials and resources to help music teachers, head teachers, music education hub staff and others to be able to support effective musical transition.

These include our free CPD programme, our Five Bridges self-evaluation framework, our transition tracker tools and our Five Tracks audio resource.  We have also included here Ofsted’s case study on some Musical Bridges work in Cornwall and a checklist for organising a transition day. See our Case Study and Research pages for additional reference materials.

Self-Evaluation Frameworks

Our Self-Evaluation Frameworks are based on Galton’s Five Transition Bridges and show effective practice for each bridge at four levels, representing a continuum of development and effectiveness. The frameworks can be used to identify areas of good practice and to suggest new ideas and areas for development. Two frameworks are available – one with a specific music focus and one generic framework, relevant across the curriculum and at a whole school level.

Transition Trackers

Our online transition trackers will help you to map your current transition practice against the Five Bridges framework, by completing an online questionnaire. On completion, your responses are presented graphically showing you the bridges where your practice is strongest and where it could most benefit from development. The trackers can be used collaboratively to explore respective strengths and weaknesses amongst a group of schools. There is a music specific tracker and a more general transition tracker

Musical Bridges Professional Development Programme

The Musical Bridges CPD Programme is a free, flexible training programme for music educators built on three years of research and piloting in schools. Designed to be delivered to groups of primary and secondary teachers working together, the facilitation of the programme is ideally managed by Music Education Hub staff or other music specialists. The programme provides teachers with a structure, tools and guidance materials to ensure effective building of skills, knowledge and cross-phase collaboration in order to develop and embed effective primary-secondary music practice.  Throughout, you tailor the Programme to meet your needs.

The Five Tracks

Five tracks is an audio resource of five pieces in contrasting musical genres. The resource is designed for use both in primary schools (Years 5 and 6) and secondary schools ( Years 7 – 9). Using an aural approach, it supports not only your pupils’ musical engagement and learning but also their personal and social needs. It can be used as a ‘bridging’ resource for cross phase activities and joint workshops in order to support your pupils’ progression.

Music in Schools: Sound Partnerships – Eight effective music education partnerships (Ofsted, 2012)

This publication includes ‘Improving primary-secondary transition in Penzance’, a case study of Humphry Davy School and Newlyn School’s work with Musical Bridges. The schools were visited as part of Ofsted’s survey for their report ‘Music in schools: sound partnerships’:

Transition day checklist

A practical guide to setting up transition days

Video Insights

See our range of short video clips giving further insight into how other schools have worked to improve transition.